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„Our days Elopement“  

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Wedding for two is not just a 'new phenomenon' in times of Corona, but is increasingly becoming a 'popular foreplay' for newlyweds who want to treat themselves to this special day in intimate togetherness and who want to concentrate on each other. With plenty of time to consciously experience and enjoy this big step in the relationship and also with plenty of time to capture all the loving moments and to take many photos with the most varied of scenes.

And then - the next day or a little later - a lavish party is celebrated with all of your favorite people.

Today we would like to give you an idea of ​​how such a 'wedding day for two - Elopement' could look from morning to night:

Location / Bridal styling / Wedding outfit / Bridal bouquet & Wedding decoration / Ceremonie / Master of Ceremonies / Music / Rings / Wedding candle / Wedding papeterie / programm - ship / couple shooting / Picnic with the Wedding bulli / Oldtimerbus / Culinary delices - wedding cake / Surprise - fire juggling / Photographers / wedding planner

As a location for the 'wedding for two' we have chosen the historic 'Romantikhotel im Weißen Rössl' on Lake Wolfgang.

The charm of the history of the house - made famous by the unforgettable film (the wihite horse inn) with Peter Alexander (he was an Austrian actor, singer and one of the most popular entertainers in the German-language world) - paired with a modern lifestyle can be felt everywhere. This special house on the Wolfgangsee is the perfect place for an enjoyable couple's holiday.

The romantic rooms with balconies and a view of the lake, the extraordinary SPA area, the restaurants and the Kaiserterrasse leave nothing to be desired.


The gift of nature - the lake in drinking water quality - has been reinvented by the Peter family: with the year-round heated lake pool and the Rössl pool, the large wellness area on and in the lake continues.


All of this makes the 'White Horse Inn' one of the most beautiful places for small, fine weddings!

The day is accompanied by the famous white YES letters, which have meanwhile become a symbol for weddings in the Salzkammergut.



The day begins with the BRIDAL STYLING - that is - apart from the wedding dress - the most important point so that the bride feels comfortable :)

And Verena Aster from Hair & Make-Up in Bad Goisern is exactly the right person:

With a lot of sensitivity and skill, the hairstyle and makeup are perfectly matched to the style of the bride!

GETTING READY… the perfect outfit for both the bride and the groom.

Andrea has selected particularly fine items from her large 'wedding treasure chest' in the Trachten Wichtlstube in Lambach.


For the ceremony: an exclusive wedding dress in A-line, with a beautiful neckline and fine fabric roses.

For the groom, an elegant jacket with matching trousers with an elegant yoke on the side. The gilet and the silk tie are of course coordinated with the wedding dress.


And because it's so beautiful, the bride was allowed to slip into a real festive dirndl:

A special, extra-long dirndl in pale blue with a Snow White collar and exquisite lace apron from the Wichtlstuben in-house production. Due to the voluminous underskirt, the dress falls just like a dream and still feels quite comfortable. The dirndl blouse with lace arm and the fine jewelry made from real pearls complement the ensemble perfectly.

These dirndls can be shortened after the wedding and continue to be worn as a festive dirndl.


Of course, the groom also gets a second outfit - a combination with leather pants. He wears a gilet in the same fabric as the bridal dirndl and a casual linen jacket with the simple shirt. The elegant, dark deerskin trousers are complemented with simple socks and very comfortable suede shoes.


Wedding bouquet & Wedding decoration

The wedding - big or small - is a feast for all the senses. And here flowers play an important role - the magical shape and the fine scent of each individual blossom is a small work of art in itself.

Lisi Prelog from the Blätterwerk 'In full bloom' flowers are an affair of the heart. You can feel that with every little element that she prepares for the wedding day.

For our photo shoot, Lisi selected roses, hydrangeas, protea, eucalyptus, gypsophila, pampas grass and other grasses from her garden. The color palette from blue, appricot, nude, white to silvery green is pastel and warm, the style is completely natural and fragrant, the traditional elements are interpreted in a modern way. Opposites are coordinated in harmony - with the bride and groom, the clothes and the season.

If you create the decorations for the wedding together with Lisi Prelog, that's 'bespoke tailoring' - a creative journey that you can embark on.



The wedding ceremony

The 'essential' thing on the wedding day is the YES word, the official commitment to go through life together from now on. The promise to share joys and sorrows, to support one another and to always keep the love for one another alive.

The civil marriage (only then is the marriage legally valid), as with us, can be supplemented by a 'free marriage'. The advantage of a free marriage is the individuality - no matter where, when and how you want to declare your love - almost anything is possible.


Ceremony speaker Uli Feichtinger is loving and flexible about the ideas of the bride and groom when preparing for the ceremony.

No matter what the motivation for a non-denominational wedding is: atheist, divorced, same-sex, spiritual or shamanic orientation ... for every couple there is a very individual ritual that makes this moment of YES to each other very special and unforgettable. With Sarah & Jakob it was - apart from the beautiful wedding rings and the wedding candle - the love letters that the two wrote to each other beforehand and then read to each other on the wedding day.


How can you create the deepest emotions in a few seconds? …with music :)

The 'vibes' and rhythms make the legs dance or the tears of emotion roll over ... the touching sounds of the violin by Hannes Preßl can do this in particular.

Hannes offers music of the finest quality: from swing and pop standards to classical to real folk music - solo or any desired line-up are possible - and also unique: Hannes plays the 'first fiddle' as a soloist at your wedding - and is accompanied by Hannes Preßl himself ... the technology makes it possible :)

 The wedding rings accompany you from the wedding day on throughout your life.

It is all the more important that they not only fit, but also really suit you. It is a very special experience when you can design the rings yourself according to your own ideas. Choose from a variety of different materials and thus be the 'smith of your luck' yourself?

This is possible in the 'Margit jewelry studio' under the professional - or rather 'professional' 'guidance of Margit Schnablehner and her great team. With every file stroke and hammer blow, a deep bond develops with your own wedding ring and of course with your partner!

The lighting of the wedding candle during the ceremony is a very special moment.

In terms of symbolism, the candle absorbs the love and the intimate feeling of the bond between the bride and groom on the wedding day and every time it is re-lit at home, the light of the candle spreads this emotion, this magic of the beginning of your marriage.

This beautiful candle was designed by the candle designer Johanna Kastenhuber -  bevorzugt bunt (preferably colorful) - exactly matched to the graphic layout of the wedding stationery.

The wedding stationery usually begins with the save-the-date card and / or with the wedding invitations.

For once, these are not necessary for our 'wedding for two'. Nevertheless, a 'wedding subject' should of course not be missing.

Johann Müller from the Creativbüro Müller has created a fine, playful, elegant and cheerful-looking subject for Sarah & Jakob. From the 'love letter' to the 'lucky tears handkerchiefs' to the menu and drinks menu - you can find this everywhere and it will also adorn the wedding photo book he designed. The noble natural paper with the 'torn' edge looks like hand-made and gives the stationery a certain nonchalance that specifically suits the preferences of our bridal couple.

The supporting program

... especially with a 'wedding for two' it is important that you come up with a little something for the daily routine ... it shouldn't get boring for our bridal couple with all their love;)

We start with a boat trip on Lake Wolfgang.

Thomas Kling, the 'good spirit' from the Hotel Weißes Rössl brings the in-house boat - the barge “Margarethe” - to the jetty and Sarah & Jakob enjoy admiring the beauty of the landscape from the lake. Pretty houses in the traditional Salzkammergut style slowly pass the two of them ... the musical accompaniment of Hannes with his violin makes the tour a very special experience.


After a romantic walk around the romantic hotel in the White Horse Inn ...


... then there was a special photo shoot point: Sonja Scharinger's 1963 wedding van (Hochzeitsbulli) is the backdrop for magical pictures.

This wedding bulli is in itself an experience ... and his chauffeur Sonja with her big heart, her creativity and happiness is an additional highlight ... not to mention her homemade bundt cake, which was eaten as a welcome and extremely delicious refreshment by the bridal couple and the photographer: )

Then we went to a 'country trip' in the wine-red vintage bus.

The Mercedes O 321 H, also built in 1963, was lovingly overhauled by Thomas Messinger a few years ago. In keeping with the charming flair of the time of Peter Alexander, the old-timer bus ride is a very special way of traveling and transports everyone back a little bit to 'the good old days'. The "Romantic Road" along the lakeshore through the Salzkammergut led to Sarah & Jakob's 'favorite places' and magical views here and there invited you to linger.



The exquisite wedding dinner is prepared in the lakeside restaurant.

At the finely laid table `` first row without feet by the lake '' you can really enjoy the delicacies of the kitchen and cellar of the White Horse Inn.

Award-winning chef, Hermann Toll, spoils the bride and groom with the best dishes and seasonal ingredients from the region. Through the glass pane in front of the table, which is opened when the weather is nice, you can see the fish swimming around happily in the crystal clear Wolfgangsee ...


The wedding cake was freshly prepared in the afternoon by the head pastry chef Gerhard Spreitzer in the Rössl kitchen and cut by the bride and groom for dessert.

The culinary work of art is arranged with fine ornaments, dainty white doves and an extraordinary amount of attention to detail. The delicious 'content' is of course tailored to the personal taste of the bride and groom.

 ‚Die Feuersterne' - fire juggling

At the end there is a very special surprise for Sarah & Jakob: The glittering Bianca 'Coco le Feu' from 'Die Feuersterne' dances up and heats them up again with her breathtaking fire juggling to hot rhythms. The burning heart in the evening mood - right in front of the gentle waves of Lake Wolfgang are the perfect end to a dream day.


Wedding pictures:  

The photographers ensure that the memories of this eventful wedding day remain unforgettable - and in our story even two. Tassilo and Thom spared no effort or contortion during the day to capture all the wonderful moments.

The nice thing about a “wedding for two” is that you simply have an infinite amount of time and can devote yourself intensively to every moment. The bride and groom are completely focused on each other, without time pressure or distraction from the wedding guests and can also enjoy taking photos in a relaxed manner. Of course, it is important that the photographer fits in well with the two of them as a person and that they get along well - personally - and also in communication.

Punky Wedding: Thom, the former punk rocker with a feeling for chords and songs that reflect life, rough but full of intense feelings. He loves contrasts - black and white. Order and disorder. Colored and faded…. His motto: "Whoever wants the best must not look for the usual".

Photo:  Ute Jospel-Trauner - Punky Wedding 

Trisquare-Pictures: The amazing Tassilo likes it real, unadapted and unkempt, full of emotion and authenticity ... dancing in the rain, feeling yourself and the love for each other and screaming out loud into the world ... I love his saying "being real should become fashion".


Photo: Trisquare-Pictures

And then: honeymoon in the Salzkammergut ...

The newlyweds also enjoy the next few days 'In the White Horse Inn on Wolfgangsee' - happy, but also a little exhausted from the rather exciting wedding day. What could be nicer than being pampered here and trying out the wide range of options. E.g. Sporty activities by the water or in the mountains of the Salzkammergut, chilling out with a delicious cocktail by the lake, relaxing massages in the spa, excursions with shopping stops to Salzburg or Gmunden, hand in hand on a dreamy walk on the green meadows ... it is for everyone something with that ... you could spend weeks here without it getting boring :)

As Ralph Benatzky said in his operetta: It has to be something wonderful.

What is it that makes your wedding day an unforgettable experience ???

In order for all of this to work and to 'run by itself', wedding planning needs a lot of feeling, experience and creativity.
Each sub-area is well discussed in advance, the daily program is planned with different variants (plan A, B, C, ...) - depending on the weather and other occurrences. The service providers are selected according to the very personal wishes of the bride and groom and all the subtleties and loving little things are considered down to the last detail.

You can get lots of tips, valuable information and suggestions in the "1:1 wedding workshops" (only for one bride and groom!) From the wedding planner Gabi Socher ... or you can choose the option 'don't worry - be happy' and leave support with the wedding preparations from A - Z and on the wedding day - "guardian angel function" included;)





LOCATION/HOTEL:  Andrea Schupfer - Romantikhotel im Weissen Rössl am Wolfgangsee

BRIDE & GROOM: Theresa Koch & Dominik Wirland

PHOTOGRAPHERS: Thom Trauner - Punky Wedding & Tassilo Edelsbacher – Trisquare Pictures

BRIDAL STYLING: Verena Aster - Hair & Make-up

FASHION: Andrea Kainberger - Trachten Wichtelstube

APRON: Sabine Linke - Schürzenliebe

JEWELERY: Margit Schnablehner - Atelier Margit

FLOWERS: Lisi Prelog - Blätterwerk

GRAPHIC: Johann Müller - Creativbüro Müller

MASTER OF CEREMONIES: Uli Feichtinger - weripower

MUSIC: Hannes Pressl - Swing on String

TRANSPORTATION: Sara Aguilar-Schenk – Oldtimerbus, Sonja Scharinger - Hochzeitsbulli, Thomas Kling - die Barkasse „Margarethe“ (hauseigenes Boot)

FIRE JUGGLING: Bianca Straßberger - Feuersterne

ORGANISATION: Gabi Socher - Hochzeitsplanerin ‘sagJA’


Elope: Long ago, eloping meant getting married without telling your family, usually because they didn't approve. Now, eloping has evolved to mean any wedding that takes place with only the bride, groom, and officiant.

soon more ...


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