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Project manager and creator of ideas: Gabi Socher

Project manager and creator of ideas: Gabi Socher

The path we follow throughout our lives makes us who we are.

I have been following my passion since 1999, when I started by lake Traunsee as Upper Austria’s first wedding planner. After more than 20 years, I am still working as a bridal and wedding expert with love and dedication.

 “As a wedding planner I’m blessed to accompany a couple during a very special time in their life and honored to guide them through this very special ritual. I’m privileged to work at the most beautiful places and alongside the most respected people who all share my passion, commitment and high standards of service, excellence and attention to detail to make the wedding days the most beautiful they can be.

It is my heartfelt desire to help bridal couples – apart from finding “the right one” – with just “the right thing” for their wedding day and especially right here in our beautiful Salzkammergut.”



Managing director of the holiday region TRAUNSEE-ALMTAL - motivating, brings structure & tourism network

Andreas Murray, British by birth, who over 20 years ago made Austria his home with his family.

“We as a family are very comfortable at Lake Traunsee because of its high quality of life. I’m blessed to be able to work in an area where others come for vacation. It’s a year-round destination. It doesn’t matter if you like sports, nature, landscapes, culture, our region offers a variety of activities that you can’t easily find at other destinations. This is one reason why the “SagJA” project – marrying in the Salzkammergut – is so dear to me.

This beautiful area with all its possibilities is just the right wedding destination. Many wedding guests from around the world have confirmed this and we would like to include many more.”



Stefan Schimpl– Deputy Managing Director of the TRAUNSEE-ALMTAL holiday region, ALMTAL office manager - highly motivated to integrate and network the Almtal in the Salzkammergut


Stefan Schimpl, born 9.6.1974 in Gmunden Traunsee, a real Salzkammergut-Native. Happily married and - of course - celebrated in Salzkammergut, 2 kids.

“Our wedding was a very good example of what the Salzkammergut can offer. Tradition combined with new ideas. This impressive scenery made it into an unforgettable event for all our guests, from around the corner or from far away. Although it has been more than 15 years, our friends still speak about our wedding day. 

The Almtal with its magnificent river-, lake- and mountain scenery offers countless possibilities to celebrate a dream wedding. With the project “SagJA-im-Salzkammergut” we developed the perfect platform for on the one hand our guests to get information and, on the other, for all our partners to present themselves. Just try it out yourself; I can really recommend it.”

You will find more than 70 experts from the regional wedding industry under the rubrics "Wedding Services", "Wedding Items", "Locations".


Hochzeitsgemeinschaft sagJA-im-Salzkammergut
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