Photobook - The Schloss Ort legend


In this book you will read the story about the giant 'Erla' who fell in love with the mermaid 'Blondchen'. With the help of all the dwarves and gnomes of the Salzkammergut he built a beautiful little castle and called it 'Schloss Ort'. The witch 'Kranawitha' performed some magic in order to shrink Erla and transform Blondchen's fish tail into human legs, so they can live together in the castle. But after one summer the spell lifted and the mermaid died. Giant Erla was very sad and transformed the 'Erlakogel' into the stony face of his love. 

You can buy this book (translated into English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Slowenian, Swedish and Chinese) at the following shops in Altmünster and Gmunden (approx. € 10,--)

  • Schloss Ort: Souvenirshop                      
  • Fotoshop Traunsee Manfred Keller: Marktstraße 14, 4813 Altmünster
  • Lederbekleidung Andreas Paschinger: Am Graben 1, 4810 Gmunden
  • K-Hof Kammerhof Museen Gmunden: Kammerhofgasse 8, 4810 Gmunden
  • Buchhandlung Susanne Koch Kochlibri: Theatergasse 16, 4810 Gmunden
  • Thalia: SEP, Druckereistraße 3-30,4810 Gmunden


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