Weddingtraditions in Austria

A SIMPLE “YES” IS NOT ENOUGH ... pounding whips, firecrackers in the morning, blue garters, mothers-in-law, family clans and bridal bouquet throws - those who want to close the knot in Austria usually have to expect traditional side effects.

No other celebration in the family circle of life is accompanied by so many beautiful, lovable, bizarre, astonishing and ethnically grown customs like a wedding.

From Carinthia to Vienna, from Tyrol to Upper Austria - everywhere the walk in front of the wedding altar is celebrated a little differently.


Photo: Heimo Hamminger: Styria, OÖ - Mauten-Verziehen-Absperren.

Only when a task has been completed or customs duty paid in the form of money or sweets can you continue.

Lovable stories, refreshing poems as well as anecdotes and stories from prominent wedding couples round off the cheerful hodgepodge of the most beautiful day in life.

Consultant Monika Krautgartner - Grande Dame of the Upper Austrian dialect - and editor Sabine Kronberger - expert in folk culture and customs - invite you on a honeymoon through Austria.

Let yourself be enchanted by Austria's most beautiful wedding customs, rediscover what has long been forgotten, and go back in your thoughts and memories to the hours when your friends woke you up too early, sung and the white veil was worn for you ...

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