Poltern - Bachelor Parties

Poltern - Bachelor Parties

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Günter Höhenberger - Management Coach, Firewalk Instructor, and Team-Developer - allowed us to look behind the scene at his 'Garden of Eden'. And we would like to share our experience with you.

A different way of celebrating with friends, or even with family members before getting married. We all came with open spirit, enthusiasm, love of adventure and in good mood. And - we loved it !

The ranch 'Lust am Leben' is surrounded by fields, meadows, and forrests with a beautiful view over the Alps. 5.000 m² (5,979 yard²) of outdoor adventure at your disposal!

This place is ideal for all who would love to spend a day or two with best friends or family before getting married or just to celebrate an anniversary together.

15 Outdoor stations are awaiting you. Like archery, fire arrows, quad parcour, airgun shooting, climbing wall, horse whispering and much more...

Günter and Eva are here to make you your personal program!

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The Tipi is really something special. We all wished we could spend the night there. It`s heated in winter and perfect in summer. It looked just heavenly welcoming.


Zielschiessen  Messerwerfen Lust am Leben

Günter and Eva prepared a wonderful traditional meal and at the end of the day we sat around a bone fire and watched all the great pictures of all the adventures during the day. We had a lot to laugh, to talk, a day full of happiness and cheerfulness. 

Ritterschlag Lust am Leben   Ritter Guenter Hoehenberger Lust am Leben   Feuerpfeile Lust am Leben Poltern Abendrot Liebe

Günter and Eva`s place is a place filled with action but you can also find peace and happiness, team spirit and togetherness. A place to celebrate your bachelor party, spend quality time with family, time for reflections - actual what your mood is.

A warm thank you to Eva and Günter at Lust am Leben / Poltern for this wonderful day.

Photos: Eva Schimak & Günter Höhenberger


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