Feel timeless love... on the lake Traunsee

TRAUNSEE – Altmünster, Ebensee, Gmunden, Gschwandt, Laakirchen, Ohlsdorf, Pinsdorf and Traunkirchen

The Romans who settled here called the lake „lacus felix“ – the lake of happiness!
Since then, the area around lake Traunsee has been coveted as a vacation destination. Many of the villas surrounding the lake come from the time of the Austrian Empire, when the high society spent their summers reveling in the change of pace. a bit of luxury and a bit of 'Dolce Vita' await you here in addition to chateaus, traditional cider taverns, one of the oldest operating paddle steamers in the world, and several elegant cruising boats, and the surrounding picturesque scenery that not only attracted TV shows and movies, but also offers unforgettable, beautiful weddings.

The charming town of Gmunden, with its Mediterranean flair, the Toscana peninsula, and the world-famous medieval Seeschloss Ort castle is without a doubt one of the most well known and beloved wedding destinations in Austria.
Over the years it became a year-round destination for people in love... to get in the mood for the big day, to indulge in wedding shopping, or to simply dwell on beautiful memories together.

Altmünster, Traunkirchen and Ebensee all compete for the title of "the most picturesque wedding place" - and each town has special offers for people who love to celebrate. Refined hospitality, the idyllic monastery-peninsula, and a cable car up the Feuerkogel, giving couples the opportunity to say "I do" on top of a 5,000-ft-high mountain... You will be spoiled for choice ;-)