Off-Season Weddings

May is still the favorite month to get married. But fall and winter weddings can be equally charming. Imagine an Indian summer with it's beautiful smooth colors, or a snowcovered glittering landscape inviting you to a horse-carriage ride, covered in warm blankets. There are other advantages to an off-season wedding that you can discover right here.

Herbsthochzeit Karin Lohberger500

Wonderful szenes for your wedding pictures in front of snow-covered mountains and winter forests are just one of the beauties. What makes off-season weddings special?

  • The locations and top-bands are easier to book...
  • hotels have lower prices
  • and the most romantic happiness places are not crowded
  • Furthermore you know how the weather can be and you are prepared...
  • Your Prince Charming will love his dark-colored suit even more (less transpiration)!

Winterhochzeit Markus Schneeberger500

We have lots of ideas and our sagJA-im-Salzkammergut partners provide you with all the wedding ingredients that are needed to fullfill your wedding dreams. Our unique wedding community, with over 50 professionel partners, are helping with their love, warmth and passion, bridal couples from all over the world to spend a perfect wedding day.

You can spend an unforgettable day - happy and relaxed - while numerous profis organize and supervise your wedding day, are at your side and care for the little details that make your day even more beautiful. Our special "Salzkammergut-Wedding-Spirit" is with you and your personal dreams will become reality.

We are looking forward to assist you with the planning & organizing of your off-season fall or winter wedding.