Polter- & Bachelor Parties

In the daytime: Shopping & Spa for the girls... Sports & Adventure for the guys.

In the evening: Hilarious party - remembering and laughing about all the good and bad things from the past - and often - friends make the bride and groom 'suffer' for their past sins.

A little bit Burlesque, Dirndl- & Lederhosen (traditional fashion) fun - jamboree, and, and, and …


here are links to more information:

Fun in the mountains (Gaudi am Berg) - with beer and hardy "Brettljausen" (cheese and cold cuts on a wooden plate)
at the Hochberghaus am Kasberg in the Almtal valley - www.hochberghaus.at

Adventure at the Garden of Eden - with archery, Quad driving, fire run, bonfire, or sleep-over in a tipi, etc. - www.lustamleben.net

 Quad fahren Poltern Lust am Leben

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