Tradition & Superstition

  • Phases of the moon on the wedding day - weddings celebrated during the first quarter of the moon are the most prosperous and happiest, it also helps to produce offsprings.
  • Rosemary - is a symbol of remembrance during weddings
  • Wedding dress - the bride should sew her bridal gown herself and the groom is not allowed to see the wedding dress before the ceremony
  • In the Anglo-american tradition the bride must wear something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue... and a penny in her shoe

Something old (represents continuity with the bride's family and the past)
Something new (it shows that the bride is looking to the future of her marriage)
Something borrowed (is an opportunity for the bride's friends or family to lend her something special as a token of their love)
Something blue (is a symbol of fidelity and constancy)
... and a penny in her shoe (placing a penny in the bride's show will bring financial security and future wealth)

Interesting to know that Francesca Habsburg (spouse of the heir to the Habsburg dynasty, Archduke Karl, son of Dr. Otto von Habsburg) wore old jewelry at her wedding in 1993, the tiara was borrowed from the family treasure, the bible was blue and the new rosary was a gift from the pope.


The "Morgengabe" - Wedding night gift

There are many different definitions of this old tradition - some say that it was a thank-you offering  to the bride to compensate her for the loss of her virginity, others say that it was a money or estate gift to the bride in case she survives her late husband.  But in our days it became a lovely tradition - In some areas of Austria it is common that the groom and the bride give a small gift to each other the morning before or after the wedding.

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