Weddings are always in season

Most of the couples like to get married in spring, especially in May, and in summer, but the "low season" also has its beauties.

The landscape changes and autumn moves into the country with its soft light and bright colors, so is the winter with its glittering snowflakes and you can get horse-drawn sleigh rides.

And more advantages of a wedding in the "low season", you can find out right here.


There are beautiful backdrops for photos in front of the snow-capped mountains and wintry forests. But that's not all that makes an "off-season wedding" so special.

  • The locations and top bands are easier to get ...
  • Hotels have low season prices ...
  • and the most beautiful spots are only there for you.
  • In addition, you have greater "weather security" and the men in the dark suits sweat less.


The experts from SagJA-im-Salzkammergut offer lots of ideas and all wedding ingredients.

Our unique wedding network, with over 70 professional partners, accompanies newlyweds from all over the world with a lot of warmth and passion on the way to their wedding day. You can have a happy and relaxed experience of an unforgettable day - while numerous professionals take care of the smooth running, the feel-good factor and all the small subtleties.

With the special "Salzkammergut wedding spirit", your individual wishes will be met lovingly down to the smallest detail.


We look forward to helping you plan & organize your most beautiful day.


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